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Michael's Coffee offers one the largest selections of gourmet ground coffee,
whole bean coffee, flavored coffee blends, decaf coffee, and organic coffee

Decaf Signature Blend Organic Coffee
Decaf Signature Blend Organic (medium roast)
8oz. bag

Caramel Decaf
The smooth taste of creamy caramel in a rich decaf roast.
7oz. bag

Decaf Colombian
Our bold decaffeinated Colombia Supremo coffee is from the mountainous coffee growing region of Columbia. It’s a wonderfully clean, hearty coffee with rich berry tones.
7oz. bag

Decaf Kona Blend
A decaffeinated blend of Hawaiian Kona, high grown specialty coffees of Central America and Colombian coffee roasted to a medium dark roast to enhance the body and taste. It is subtle and mild yet strong enough to satisfy any full body palate.
7oz. bag

Lover's Blend Decaf
A sweet, almost sinful combination of
cherry with dark creamy notes in a robust decaf.
7oz. bag

Macadamia Nut Decaf
A decaffeinated version with a milky
sweetness of Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts.
7oz. bag

Mocha Java Decaf
This decaffeinated version of Mocha Java, the Indonesian infuses the body and the Yergachef contributes with the acidity, spicy and chocolate under notes. This coffee is roasted to a medium roast.
7oz. bag

Decaf Southern Pecan
A decaffeinated blend of pecan nuts and French silk cream, this is the ultimate dessert coffee, rich, tasty and smooth.
7oz. bag

Wicked Doodle Decaf
This decaf coffee is a blend of flavours such as Hazelnut, Caramel, Cinnamon, and Custard, it is smooth and rich, perfect with any dessert of after dinner.
7oz. bag

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