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Michael's Coffee offers one the largest selections of gourmet ground coffee,
whole bean coffee, flavored coffee blends, decaf coffee, and organic coffee

Organic coffee is coffee that has been grown according to organic farming standards
and techniques, without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Decaf Signature Blend Organic Coffee
Decaf Signature Blend
Organic (medium roast)
8oz. bag

Breakfast Blend Organic Coffee
Breakfast Blend is a
tasteful mixture of 1/3
dark 2/3 light light roasted coffees
8oz. bag

French Toast Organic Coffee
A very dark roasted
organic coffee blend
8oz. bag

Italian Espresso Organic Coffee
Italian Espresso Organic (1/3 dark 2/3 light)
8oz. bag

Signature Blend Organic Coffee
Signature Blend Organic (medium roast)
8oz. bag

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